High-quality glass installation, repair, and replacement in Orangevale, CA!

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Why compromise the look of your beautiful home's interiors with ordinary, factory-made mirrors that come in standard shapes and sizes? Whether you're remodeling your home or constructing a new one, we'll help you uplift your interiors with our mirrors. Our experienced, professional glass experts will customize your mirrors based on your space and needs. We'll make your mirrors in any size, shape, or design you want. Beveled, carved, etched, or ornamental, we've got all types of glass to suit your needs.

Installing classy mirrors in your home!

  • FREE estimates

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Great custom mirrors

  • Huge variety of glass

  • 30 years experience in making custom mirrors

Want mirrors for commercial purpose? You've got it!

Our glass experts will customize mirrors for your business, such as gyms, karate studios, and more. Whether you want rooms completely walled with mirrors or small mirrors in different shapes and sizes to make your business' interiors look unique, our custom mirrors are perfect for you. We'll take care of all your mirror installation, repair, and replacement needs.

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